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Welcome to the Watford Jobs Net.

A Quickish or Quackish Introduction.

The Website and Blog has been put together by an ex Watford Jobs Seeker please enjoy your visit.

One of the Intentions of this Website is hopefully to make it a little easier for the residents of the town looking for work and those people from outside the town looking for Watford jobs. You will find a couple of useful links taking you to the websites that deliver exactly what you are looking for, hopefully saving you plenty of time when looking for jobs in Watford.

Job Seekers will find a section on this website where small to medium business owners and employers may have left their advertisements at my discretion of an open vacancy available for prospective employment.
I have noticed the Watford Jobs Centre plus website has had a much needed update,
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I am not sure it is actually for the better or in the interests of all resident job seekers.

It seems as if they have gone a little commercial, one thing I think it sorts out and about time too, is the spammy job openings that where quite often advertised and started to get a lot worse as more people noticed that others were cleverly getting away with it.

I must admit I had ago at It once myself after always being caught out, I did not have a job opening or an opportunity to sell, just needed to look busy and important and like I had my own business at a meeting I was attending , I got a ton of calls. Nothing Dodgy just needed a contract for work that would have made me busy. I got the contract.

Watford Job Ad

My ad read,

High Turn Over Telesales Company has vacancies for two lucky individuals, no experience necessary full training provided £50 in your first hour on the phone guaranteed.

My apologises to you if you are one of the many hundreds that called my phone, I had to switch it off in the end. Still to this day I am surprised I managed to get that ad in the Watford Jobs Centre. Thanks to their update and redirection to the main job search website it is quite unlikely we will find opportunity seekers or time wasters like myself.. only once though, plaguing the area that should be for real jobs.

I lost count of all the times I got excited by an advertised vacancy I had found in the Jobs in Watford section while waiting to get my signing on card.

The most annoying thing is when turning up for the interview miles away only to find out it is a Network Marketing company, not that there is anything wrong with them apart from the fee to join, then not to make any money as you cant find any body interested in the product or the money for it, cheaper down Asda they used to say to me or what do I need a video phone for.

There is one group of people those ads used to serve very well the people that did not want to work and had to be seen having interviews.

Thanks for your visit if you would like some further reading and to hear my views and others as to why it may seem like some people may not like to work please visit the page Job whats it get me.

You may also like to look into the Second intention of this website which is to source and find people who like to write with a Good Understanding of the English Language and would consider themselves to have creative writing skills please see the page Ha Watford Jobs Who Needs One.